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Lydia's Bonnet

  Lydia's Bonnet has finally arrived! It is the true story of a little Amish girl growing up with her four brothers in Lancaster County, PA. She has lots of friends at school, but one day her friends get her into trouble. And a certain blue bonnet is in the middle of it all.​ 

     34 pages of big, beautiful photographs. 11 x 8 1/2. Paperback. $8.95 + $2.99 shipping (PA residents pay 6% tax).
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Speaking Amish

Speaking Amish book and CD:  $19.95 + 3.99 shipping    ($23.94 total)


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     This book will give you a great introduction to Pennsylvania German, the language of the Amish. Each lesson builds on the previous lessons and focuses on one new verb. Grammar and phonics tips will help you learn quickly. The conversations in the book center around Amish life- going to school, going to church, working in the barn, etc.

     My dad's beautiful photography throughout the book makes the lessons come alive. The CD in the back includes the lesson conversations spoken by real Amish children here in Lancaster County.


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December 5, 2015

My new children's book, Lydia's Bonnet, has just rolled off the press!

It is the true story of my Mom growing up as a little Amish girl in the 1950s. Most of the models in the book are her grandchildren, who dressed up like Grandma and Grandpa used to dress to act out the story. They did a great job and the result is a fun little book.




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